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Domino® Blue Agave Nectar

Domino® Organic Agave Nectar

Organic Blue Agave
Nectar is a delicious
liquid sweetener, with a
low glycemic index, that
is made from the core
of the succulent
agave plant.

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Baking with Stevia and Sugar blend: Domino® Light

Domino® Light with Baking Ingredients

Baking with Domino® Light sugar is easy–

Replace 1 cup of Sugar with 1/2 cup of Domino Light.

The difference is exactly half, making it simple to convert favorite recipes. Although, since you are baking with a sugar and stevia blend, you may notice a few minor differences in your baking. If you want to make slight adjustments to your recipe for the best possible results, follow these tips:

  • Color – Sugar is needed in baking to form a nice golden color in baked goods. Since there is less sugar in Domino® Light, the color of baked items may be lighter. So don't go by color alone when baking with Domino® Light.
  • Moisture and Texture – Sugar adds volume and helps to retain moisture to cakes so if you are using a cake, or cake-like recipe, such as brownies, you may notice that when baked with Domino® Light the cake will be a little denser than the original recipe. To compensate:
    • Increase the size of the baking pan, which will decrease the baking time and temperature, helping to retain moisture.
    • Add an additional egg to the recipe.
    • Incorporating nuts helps to add air into your cakes, making them lighter in texture.
    • Use oil, margarine or vegetable shortening or a combination of these, instead of butter.
    • Increase the liquid content of the recipe slightly. 
Chocolate Pudding made with Domino® Light

Consider flavors when baking with Domino® Light

The stevia plant extract naturally has a slight licorice-like essence. Domino has added a natural flavor to balance the Domino® Light for baking and sweetening foods where you want other flavors to come through stronger. Chocolate and cinnamon are flavors of choice when baking with Domino® Light. Also try combining your recipes with natural fruits: bananas, oranges, apples and pears. We also recommend avoiding recipes that call for tart or sharp flavors such as lemon, lime, pineapple or mint.

Making Beverages with Domino® Light

Orange Smoothie made with Domino® LightWhether you use the 5-calorie packets or a teaspoon from the Domino® Light bag, it is the perfect sweetener to use in beverages and to help cut back on calories. It easily dissolves and mixes into both cold and hot drinks. Use it for sweetening iced teas, a fresh fruit punch and it is also great for making fruit smoothies!