How to Make Preserves and More

How to Make Preserves and More

Preserves contain whole berries or large pieces of fruit, and are not as thick as jams, which contain crushed or chopped fruits.

Fruit “butters” contain no butter; they are made by cooking fruit pulp with sugar until the mixture is thick but spreadable. You can use the leftover pulp from jelly-making, or you can start from scratch.

Conserves are made from more than one fruit and generally have nuts or raisins added toward the end of cooking.

Marmalades have pieces of fruit in a clear jelly. They are traditionally made from citrus fruits, but occasionally contain pineapple or other fruit.

All types of preserved fruit should be cooked slowly until the sugar dissolves and then boiled rapidly until the jelling point for jams (221°F at sea level) is reached.