Domino® Granulated Sugar 4lb. Canister

Keeping sugar in the cupboard has never been so convenient as with the exclusive Domino® Sugar 4 lb. canister.

The lightweight, unbreakable, recyclable plastic of our 4 lb. canister offers the ultimate in convenience. It’s easy to handle, and includes an airtight, easy-to-open lid. That means scooping out sugar is simple, and you won’t have to worry about excess spills or messes.

Domino® Granulated Sugar is premium pure cane sugar, free-flowing and of the highest quality. It is an all-purpose sugar, ideal for table use, baking, preserving, canning and for sweetening beverages. It is also Kosher for Passover and all year round. Find product now.

Reuse your 4lb. Domino® Granulated Canister!

Domino<sup>®</sup> Granulated Canister Paint BucketDomino<sup>®</sup> Granulated Canister Item Container

Not only does the convenient canister hold your favorite sugar, but after you’ve used up your sugar, it can be recycled in creative, useful ways.

Domino<sup>®</sup> Granulated Canister Flower PotHere are some clever ways you can reuse the Domino® 4lb. Granulated Canister*:
  • Handy for taking food items to a picnic or on a car trip.
  • Use it to mix various frosting colors. You can then cover and save.
  • The airtight container will keep leftovers.
  • Hold crayons.
  • Store puzzles.
  • Neatly keeps small toys.
  • Useful for school craft projects.
  • Make it a piggy bank: Cut a slit in the top, and then have kids decorate to save small change.
  • Perfect for pouring water when giving kids (or the dog) a bath.
  • Hold nails, screws and other small odds and ends.
  • Use as an easy-to-hold paint bucket.
  • Keep it in the laundry room to collect items from pockets.
  • Hold your kitchen compost scraps.
  • Poke holes in the bottom of the canister and use as a seedling starter.



If you have a creative idea for how you reuse the Domino® 4lb. canister, share it with us on Facebook.


*Not recommended for use in microwave.