Haunted Sugar Cookie House

Haunted Sugar Cookie House

Build a Halloween centerpiece that will have your guests screaming. With ghoulish décor, colorful walls and scary frosting trim, this Haunted Sugar Cookie House is well worth the work. For best results, make this a two-day project.


1 house


  • 2 batches Welcome Home Cookies recipe
  • orange, purple and black food coloring
  • cocoa powder, unsweetened (use as needed with black food dye)
  • 1 Easy Fondant recipe
  • Domino® Confectioners Sugar for dusting
  • 2 batches Simple Glaze recipe
  • 2 batches Royal Icing recipe
  • assorted candies (for decoration)


Prepare 2 batches of Welcome Home Cookies according to recipe directions. Divide the dough into three parts; color one part orange, one purple and one black. For the black dough, you will need to add 2 to 3 tablespoons of cocoa to the dough before using the black food dye.

Once your dough is colored, divide each color into 2 disks, ending up with 6 disks of dough. Wrap each disk in plastic wrap; chill for 1 to 2 hours. 

Preheat oven to 400°F. Line 2 to 5 cookie sheets with parchment paper; set aside.

Place parchment or waxed paper on work surface; dust with flour. Take one disk of dough at a time; use a rolling pin to roll dough out to an even 1/4 inch thickness. If dough sticks, dust lightly with flour.

Using Cookie House template, place pattern pieces on rolled out dough, and cut around edges using a small, sharp knife or pizza cutter, wiping blade after each cut.

Bake cookies until edges are just beginning to darken, and cookies looks dry. Large pieces will take approximately 14 to 16 minutes, medium pieces about 12 to 14 minutes, and smaller pieces 6 to 8 minutes.

While cookies are still slightly warm, lay pattern pieces on top and use a large, sharp knife or pizza cutter to trim any parts that have spread beyond the pattern during baking. Once you have trimmed your finished cookie pieces, you can tape your paper pieces together to see how the finished house will look. This is a great tool to use for planning your decorations.

Cool cookie pieces on cookie sheets for 10 to 15 minutes before removing to cooling racks to cool completely.

Prepare Easy Fondant per recipe instructions. Place parchment or waxed paper on work surface; dust with confectioners'’ sugar. Take a piece of fondant and form into a disk. With rolling pin, roll fondant evenly to 1/8 inch thickness. If fondant starts to stick, dust with additional confectioners'’ sugar. Cut fondant pieces with assorted Halloween cookie cutters; set aside.

Make a double batch of Simple Glaze and divide it into three bowls, coloring one bowl orange, one purple and one black. For the black glaze, add 1 to 2 tablespoons cocoa before adding the black food dye. Using a pastry brush, spread a thin amount of glaze over the face of haunted house cookies. Match glaze to same color cookie. Repeat for all pieces of haunted house. Allow to dry for 3 hours, or overnight.

Mix a double batch of Royal Icing according to recipe. Royal Icing can be used as is, or you can dye it any color. Don'’t forget, if you decide to dye it black, be sure to add cocoa before adding black food dye.

Fill a pastry bag or zipper-style freezer bag with Royal Icing. If using freezer bag, snip 1/4 inch off corner. Pipe a thick line of icing along the side and bottom of one of the sides of the house, and along the bottom of the front cookie piece. Press the iced side piece against the edge of the front piece, and position the two pieces onto the cookie base.

You might want to seek the help of a friend or family member to help you hold pieces in place until icing is partially set. Repeat this step again to complete other sides of house. Pipe icing along seams, inside and outside of house, to fill any gaps. Allow icing to set for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Once icing has dried enough so that base structure is solid, you can work on roof. Pipe icing all along top edges of structure. Place roof pieces so that long ends of rectangle are running along top of house. Meet the two pieces at top, and pipe a line of Royal Icing to connect the two pieces; place them on top of house. Hold roof pieces in place with light pressure for a few minutes, until they are set. Using your pastry bag, outline the triangle roof pieces with Royal Icing; attach them to the roof.

Let the haunted house stand for 1 to 2 hours, or overnight if possible, before final decorating. When house is set and dry, it's time to decorate! Use Royal Icing in pastry bag as "glue" to attach windows, doors, front step, tombstones and fondant cut outs! To attach the front door panel, simply place a good amount of icing onto the back of the panel and press gently to the front of your house. Hold it in place for 15 seconds, then carefully remove your hands.

To create the spider web window, create three concentric circles on your cookie using the pastry bag filled with Royal Icing. Then using a toothpick, start from the center of the cookie and drag the icing to create the web. Your friendly neighborhood spider can be made with candy or fondant. Allow spider web window to dry for 1 hour before attaching to the front of your house. Royal Icing can also be used at attach candy pieces to your house to make it look even scarier!

Haunted Sugar Cookie House Template
Download Free Haunted Sugar Cookie House Template Here

Use this free Haunted Sugar Cookie House template to build your Halloween treat!

Download the Haunted Sugar Cookie House Template Here


When baking cookie pieces, place similar shapes together on cookie sheets to ensure even baking. Different shapes will take different lengths of time to bake. 

If reusing pans, be sure to cool and replace parchment paper before next batch.

See below for Welcome Home Sugar Cookies, Easy Fondant, Simple Glaze and Royal Icing recipes.