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Organic Blue Agave Nectars

Domino® Organic Blue Agave Nectars

Organic Blue Agave
Nectars are a delicious
and organic liquid
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is made from the core
of the succulent
agave plant.

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Great American Bake Sale

GABS LogoWhile we're all feeling the pinch of a struggling economy, many families are more stretched than ever to provide enough food for their children. In fact, 500,000 more American children are currently living under the poverty line than last year, and 300,000 of those children are under the age of six.

Share Our Strength is making a difference. Through its Great American Bake Sale, this national organization has raised enough money to serve more than 5.3 million meals to low-income children.

For the second year running, Domino® Sugar is proud to be sponsoring the Great American Bake Sale, a nationwide campaign to end childhood hunger through community bake sales. Between March 1 and July 31, 2009, money raised from these bake sales will help fund programs that deliver food to children who need it most. The program is national, but it's also local: The money your neighborhood raises will go to programs in your area.

GABS Cupcake GirlOnline resources make it easy to get involved in the Great American Bake Sale. Just contact a few neighbors and choose some of Domino® Sugar's great bake-sale-ready recipes.  (Tip: Make sure the treats you make are easy to pack and transport to and from a bake sale.)

Need some motivation? Share Our Strength has published sobering statistics on childhood hunger in America:

-The poverty threshold for a family of four is $407.75 per week
-13.1 million American children currently live in poverty
-18 percent of all American children live in poverty
-12.4 million American children are at risk of hunger (also known as "food insecurity")
-1 in 10 of all U.S. households are "food insecure"

The Great American Bake Sale is just one of the campaigns Share Our Strength directs to raise money to combat childhood hunger in America. Check out their other events on their website.

Our small gestures can make a big difference. That's as sweet as it gets!