Share Our Strength's Bake Sale No Kid Hungry

Bake Sale Tips

Bake Sale Location Ideas

Share Our Strength's Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry

You could be the best baker in the whole world, but if your bake sale is on your quiet little cul-de-sac, expect to be eating a lot of cookies that night! So think "location, location, location!" A good idea for a bake sale is outside in front of places that will bring a high volume of foot-traffic, such as grocery stores, movie theaters, or shopping malls. Local fairs, festivals, and flea markets are also great places for a bake sale. As are school sporting events, large office buildings, places of worship and on college campuses.

Plan your bake sale at least a month ahead. You'll need the time to secure permission with establishments, which may involve a permit. And when planning, consider a tarp or tent if you plan on being outside in the sun all day. Not only will it keep you and your baked goods cooler, you'll all be protected from an unexpected shower!

How to Promote Your Bake Sale

Share Our Strength's Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry

Get the word out that you're having a bake sale for a good cause! The week leading up to the sale, post signs on bulletin boards, send emails and post the details on your social networking sites. Going online to promote your site is a great idea since you can give a link directly to our Bake Sale Center or to Share Our Strength® for people to learn more.

On the day of your bake sale, be as festive as possible with your decorations. Low-cost attention getters like balloons, streamers, big brightly painted signs and music will draw interest. Don't forget to have information about Share Our Strength's Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry and how proceeds from your bake sale will help to feed hungry kids.

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Pricing Suggestions

If you've ever purchased a treat for yourself at a bake sale in your neighborhood, chances are, you already have a good idea how to set prices for your own bake sale. While pricing can vary depending on your community, where you set up and who your customers will be, we've put together a general guideline for pricing below. And remember when your customers purchase a delicious item they are not only receiving a sweet treat, but they are making a donation to help end childhood hunger in America.

  Bake Sale Item   Pricing Suggestion
  Cookies, Brownies and Bars   $1.00 - $2.00 depending on size
  Cupcakes, Muffins and Large Cookies   $2.00 - $3.00
  Small Loaf Breads   $5.00
  Pies and Small Cakes   $10.00
  Candies   $1.00 - $2.00 a bag


1st place winner in Most Patriotic Bake Sale category for the 2009 Great American Bake Sale Photo Awards! Photo by Yaneth Leialoha of Kailua, HI


Fun Bake Sale Ideas

Great American Bake Sale at Aventura Mall, Miami, Florida, Photo courtesy Alexis Corchado

While childhood hunger in America is a sad fact, holding a bake sale is a fun, community building way to help. Here are a few ideas to turn a good bake sale into a real hit! And remember to get extra helping hands - you'll need them.




Showcase your baked goods with creative details for even more profitable sales. Baked goods cleverly wrapped and packaged with bright ribbons or stickers, or that are easy to transport, will encourage people to buy as gifts or for a treat later on. Here are some tricks for presenting your bake sale:

Brightly colored napkins, colored cling wrap or simply a fun tablecloth will add a festive look to your bake sale. Any added touches to personalize the table and your baked goods will show that you really care about the cause. But most of all, have fun with friends, family and your customers at your bake sale for true success.


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