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Domino® Sugar Holiday Cookie Swap

Ready, Set, Swap!

Baking and socializing are two of our favorite holiday pursuits. But as the season progresses and schedules get squeezed, it becomes just a bit challenging to play hostess. That's why we love the cookie swap, an easy and rewarding way to combine baking, fun, and gift giving.

At a cookie swap, you and each of your guests bake one kind of cookie—choose from any one of our delicious cookie recipes—in quantities sufficient to share with everyone else. Each guest leaves the party with a dozen of each cookie offering, ready to share right away or to freeze and enjoy later in the season.

Host a Cookie Swap

Pick a date.

Early December is the best time for most people—after Thanksgiving and before the really busy holiday season begins. Choose a weekend afternoon or weekday early evening when everyone can spend about two hours chatting and nibbling.

Send out invitations.

Use our charming Invitations that you can personalize and print. Mail them out a month before your cookie exchange to give your guests plenty of time to schedule the event and do their baking.

Keep your guest list to a manageable number—large enough to enjoy an interesting variety of cookies, but not so large that you and your guests feel overwhelmed. Between eight and twelve people is about right.

Rules of the Swap

Our invitations include the basic rules below for a Cookie Swap so each of your guests can follow along, but feel free to adjust them to best suit you and your guests:


Each guest should choose a cookie recipe and bake one dozen cookies for each invited guest. (If there will be eight guests in all, including the hostess, that means each guest will bring eight dozen cookies.) Let the hostess know what type of cookie you will be baking.


Bring all your cookies creatively displayed according to the theme. Domino® Sugar has provided holiday recipe labels you can personalize and print.


Guests should also bring copies of their recipes to share at the cookie swap. We've made it easy! Each of the Domino® Sugar cookie recipes on the right are ready to print.


Once pictures have been taken and you've had some fun, it's time to swap. Each guest will get to take one dozen of each cookie. Don't forget containers for taking cookies home! (Have extra take-home containers on hand for guests that may have forgotten to bring one.)

To sample or not? There's no rule here, it's up to you. Some cookie swaps encourage tasting, others are all about taking cookies home. Be sure, though, to provide light snacks such as raw vegetables, apple slices, or grapes. Coffee and tea are fine, but homemade beverages provide a special touch: Hot Mulled Cider and Spiced Cider Punch are the essence of holiday cheer, while Citrus Sunrise Cooler makes refreshing use of seasonal citrus fruits.

Domino® Sugar
Cookie Swap Kit

Domino® Sugar has made organizing your Cookie Swap easy with these fun holiday–designed tools you can personalize and print.

Click on any item below to download the accessory. You can then print and use them to help make your Cookie Swap a success!


Mailing Labels

Guest List

Recipe Labels

Name Tags

Accessories are in Adobe PDF format. This file type requires the free Adobe Reader plug–in to open. Mailing labels and name tag labels are in Microsoft Word format.

Download Adobe Acrobat Here.

What to Bake?

One way to organize your cookie swap is by suggesting a cookie category to each of your guests. That way you'll give everyone an enjoyable challenge—without being overly rigid—and you'll end up with an attractive array of cookies. Below are a few selected recipes to get you started, but be sure to browse through our complete collection of cookie recipes for many more.

A Cookie Swap can typically involve close friends or family, but it's also a great way to gather with others that you might not get to see during the busy holiday season. It's also a nice alternative for exchanging gifts!

  • The Office Cookie Swap:
    Gather with co-workers one day after work to celebrate the holidays, or if you work from home, turn your cookie swap into an informal networking party.
  • A Block Party Cookie Swap:
    Invite just the neighbors on the block for a cozy winter gathering.
  • Class Parents:
    A Cookie Swap is a nice way to get to know other parents from school, dance class, or the soccer team.

Step up the fun at your Cookie Swap with contests and prizes for things like:

You may want to select a theme for the Cookie Swap that guides guests on how to decorate or display their cookies:

Think outside the platter to display your cookies at the party: