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Organic Blue Agave Nectars

Domino® Organic Blue Agave Nectars

Organic Blue Agave
Nectars are a delicious
and organic liquid
sweetener, with a low
glycemic index, that
is made from the core
of the succulent
agave plant.

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Building with Sugar Cubes
(Sugar As Art: We Call It SugArt!)

Domino Dots® Sugar Cubes

Did you know that Domino Dots® Sugar Cubes are not only sweet, but they can be also used as building blocks to create fun art projects? We call it SugArt—art made out of sugar. You just need sugar cubes, glue (or Royal sugar icing), some colored sugar or food coloring and a little imagination.

Use your creativity to build and sculpt all types of interesting things: an American Flag, robot, U.S. map, castle, or pyramid, to name just a few inventive ideas.

SugArt makes a great family project for a rainy day at home, a fun group activity with a Girl Scout or Cub Scout troop, or a creative tool to learn about math and history in school.

SugArt Ideas

SugArt sculpture projects can be flat, tall, or three-dimensional. The possibilities are endless.

Here are instructions for a simple SugArt project. Use your imagination to create your own works of art. Add paint, glitter, stickers, and toys to make your project really come alive.

Tip: Figure out approximately how many sugar cubes you will need to complete your project. 5 sugar cubes equal 3 inches.

Large American Flag

Uses Approximately 875 Domino Dots® Sugar Cubes!

Level: Easy

  1. Cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard.
  2. Cover with white paper. Glue paper to cardboard.
  3. Place sugar cubes in horizontal rows to cover entire rectangle area. Glue each cube to the page. Use red colored sugar to make the flag’s 7 red horizontal stripes. Use blue colored sugar to make a square on the upper left corner. Use white sugar to make the stars.
  4. Put glue on top of each cube and carefully pour colored sugar on cube. Or, use food coloring.
  5. Stencil stars on the blue sugar cubes, or top with 50 tiny cut-out stars.