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Camp Out Party

Camp Out Party Poster

Featured Recipes

Snack Ideas

Cupcake Critters
  • Seven Minute Frosting S’Mores: Replace the usual marshmallows with our gooey and yummy Seven Minute Frosting. To make the S'mores: Frost one side of a graham cracker half, sprinkle with milk chocolate chips and sandwich closed with the other half of the graham cracker.
  • Crunchy Munchies Snack Mix and Crunchy Granola Serve up these fun snacks in mini brown paper bags.

Decorating Ideas

Campin' Out
You can borrow tents from family and friends to set up in the backyard. Decorate them with green balloons and make a cardboard sign giving each tent its own camp name:

  • Camp Birth-D-Heehaha
  • Camp Itzma-ParTeePee
  • Camp Wannakake

White Chocolate Birch LogForest Fun
Make your backyard into a forest by cutting out large pieces of cardboard from appliance boxes in the shapes of pine trees. Paint them green, then prop them all around the birthday campsite!

Good Directions
On a wooden post or tree, put up arrow-shaped cardboard signs pointing everyone in the right direction:

  • Johnny's Camp Out
  • Outhouse
  • Haunted Forest

Star Bright
For that starry-night glow, string up some white holiday lights around a couple of trees.


Bear Necessities
Draw and cut out a large picture of a bear from cardboard. Leave a hole for the face for the guests to poke through for pictures.

Cabin Fever
Using popsicle sticks from the craft store and glue, have the kids build their own log cabin. They can also decorate them with acorns and pebbles from around the house.

Game Suggestions

Chocolate Teddy Bear CakeReel 'em In
Fill a small wading pool with water. Cut out shapes of fish from foam found at a craft store and attach a metal paperclip to each fish's mouth. For fishing poles, attach a small magnet to the end of a string tied to a stick. Then let each guest take turns fishing for as many foam fish as they can in less than 30 seconds.

Sleeping Bag Relay Race
Split up guests into two teams supplying each with a sleeping bag. Each player will then have to lie in the sleeping bag, roll across the yard and back to let the next team player go. The team that finishes rolling first wins!

Flashlight Tag
In a dark room, the birthday person starts the game by being the first "camper". All other guests will spread around the room and pretend to be bears and wolves in the forest; they have to make animal sounds to try to call out to the camper. The goal of the camper will be to try to light the animal's face with the flashlight.

Party Favors

  • Tie a red handkerchief filled with goodies to the end of a wooden stick. Attach a name tag and they're ready to head home!
  • Pick up some colorful plastic flashlights from the discount store and fill them with tattoos, stickers and candy.

Not all activities or party ideas are recommended for all ages. For the safety of all in attendance, no party should be held without adult supervision.


Party Accessories

Click on any item below to download the themed accessory. You can then print and use them to help make your event a success!

instructions name tags invitation gift record sheet
poster thank you card coloring page mailing labels
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