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Princess Party

Princess Party Poster

Featured Recipes

  • Charming Princess Castle Cake: Out of a 9"x3" square cake, with sugar cone turrents decorated with icing and candies. Gram cracker draw bridge.

Snack Ideas

Decorating Ideas

Bright Ideas
Hang white holiday lights and tulle throughout the house for a sparkling "princessy" look.

Doorway Decor
Using ribbons, pink and white felt, and glitter, create your own castle banners to hang in the doorways.

A Chair Fit For A Princess
Create a throne for the birthday princess. Drape an armchair with a purple sheet or tablecloth. Secure the sheet by tying around the legs and arms with pastel colored ribbons. Then decorate with decorative pillows and a bouquet of balloons set just behind the chair.


Make Your Own Princess Hat
Roll up a large piece of construction paper to form a cone. Leave an opening at the tip of the cone enough to thread ribbons through. Glue or tape the edge of the cone shut. Supply pom-poms, glitter, shiny stickers, etc., for each girl to decorate her hat. To top off the hat, tie a knot at the end of two or three pieces of ribbon, thread the loose ends of the ribbon through the opening of the tip. Then tape the knot to the inside of the tip so the loose ribbons hang over the side of the cone.

Jewelry Box
Use paper boxes from a craft store to decorate with beads, buttons, ribbons and glitter.

Game Suggestions

The Glass Slipper
Set to lively classical music, have guests sit in a circle to pass around the princess slipper. The princess holding the slipper when the music stops is out. The last princess gets to keep the princess slippers! (You can either use dress-up slippers from the toy store or a pair of pretty fuzzy slippers.)

Kiss The Frog
Enlarge a picture of a green frog using a color copier. Try to get it as large as the paper will allow. Then hang the frog picture on the wall. Have each girl put on bright pink or red lipstick, to try to kiss the frog on the lips. After each girl kisses the paper, write their name next to their kiss. The girl with the closest kiss to the frog's lips wins!

Braid the Princess' Hair
Using three strands of yellow yarn, secured on one end with a rubber band, make a lock of hair 15" long for half the number of guests. Then pair off the girls; they must try to braid the hair using only one hand each. Whichever team can braid the yarn the fastest wins!

Party Favors

  • Fill a plastic bag with assorted pink candy, and then add frog erasers, fake jewelry, etc. Then when the jewelry boxes are dry you can fill with the goodies.
  • Mirror, Mirror: Pick up hand held mirrors from discount stores and tie pretty ribbons to the handles. Using paint markers you can write each guest's name with the title of "Princess" on the backside of the mirror.

Not all activities or party ideas are recommended for all ages. For the safety of all in attendance, no party should be held without adult supervision.


Party Accessories

Click on any item below to download the themed accessory. You can then print and use them to help make your event a success!

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