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Bottle your own sauces to share with friends

In no time flat, and with equipment you probably already own, you can bottle your favorite sauces to bring to friends, family or a football tailgate!

Want to bottle your sauces? Domino® shows you how

Whether your signature sauce is a thick, sticky BBQ sauce to be basted across a full rack of baby back ribs or a fiery hot sauce to add a splash of spice to chicken wings, Domino® Sugar is here to sweeten it perfectly. And once you’ve perfected your signature sauce, the tips you’ll find here will make bottling it a breeze.

Start by cooking up a batch of your favorite sauce using Domino® Sugar. Then, follow these simple instructions to learn how to bottle your sauce safely and securely:

1. Cleanliness is everything

When bottling sauces, keeping things clean is the key to avoiding infections that can spoil your hard work. Start by thoroughly cleaning the bottles or jars you choose, rinsing them and then boiling them (including the caps) to ensure they’re sterilized.


2. Fill bottles carefully

Using a funnel that has also been boiled or otherwise sterilized, carefully fill your bottles until there is approximately ½-inch of space remaining at the top. Make sure to remove any air bubbles.


3. Cover loosely, then boil again

Once your bottles are full and you’ve wiped off any sauce that may have spilled, rest the caps atop the bottles and place them in a shallow pan with enough water to cover 75% of the bottle. Bring this water to a boil, raising the temperature of the sauce high enough to eliminate any potential bacteria, and let the bottles or jars boil this way for 20 minutes. (For high altitudes, increase boiling time to 25 minutes up to 3,000 ft., 30 minutes up to 6,000 ft. and 35 minutes for anything higher.)


4. Tighten caps and cool

Using a heat-resistant glove or potholder, tighten the lids and allow the bottles to cool for 24 hours. Once cooled, the center of the caps should have pulled in with the temperature change, indicating a good seal. To check, press the center of the cap. If it’s firmly in and doesn’t buckle when you press on it, it’s perfectly sealed.


5. Label and store

Label your bottles as desired with the name of the sauce and the date it was bottled. Properly sealed sauces will last a full year with no refrigeration needed until they are opened, allowing you to enjoy them season after season.

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