No one knows more about Domino® Sugar than the experts

Even the most experienced bakers can use some help from time to time. That’s why our Corporate Chef is here. Chef Eleonora is an expert at creating amazing cuisine using our Domino® Sugar products. Lucky for you, you can find Chef-vetted tips and information right here on our website.

Domino® Sugar’s chef is at your service

You’ve got questions, and our Research Chef Eleonora has all the answers. So if there’s anything you’ve been dying to ask a professional chef about which type of Domino® Sugar to use, how to perfect your piping techniques or anything else in the culinary realm…this is the time. Send your questions in at the link below.

Ask Eleonora

Great tips from the experts at Domino® Sugar

After you’ve sent your questions to Eleonora, here’s some great information to put to use on your next recipe, better your skills and impress your loved ones. Read, experiment and enjoy your time in the kitchen. It’s our shared love of cooking, and eating, that makes us all a part of the Domino® Sugar family.

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