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Types of Frosting

Is it a Frosting, an Icing or a Glaze?

The answer to this question lies in each type’s thickness and consistency. Frostings are the thickest and creamiest, followed by icings and glazes, which are thinner.

Some types are cooked, such as meringue-based frostings and chocolate glazes. Others, such as Royal Icings and certain Buttercream frostings, are simply mixed together without any cooking on the stove.

The basic frosting recipe contains butter, sugar, and a liquid such as water or milk. More liquid is added for an icing or glaze. Flavorings such as extracts, fruit zest or juice, and chocolate are often added. Eggs are used in cooked frostings.

Sugar is the most important ingredient in all types of frostings, providing sweetness, flavor, bulk and structure. Powdered sugar is best to use as it blends easier in uncooked frostings and dissolves faster in cooked types.