brown pourable

Pourable Light Brown Sugar Flip Top Canister

Domino® Pourable Light Brown Sugar, a free-flowing brown sugar that does not clump or harden, is available in a new, attractive and easy-to-use dispenser with a recloseable flip-top lid. The sleek dispenser comfortably fits in the hand for easy pouring or sprinkling and can sit out on your kitchen table. Domino® Pourable Light Brown Sugar, formerly Domino® Brownulated® Light Brown Sugar available in a resealable pouch, is a free-flowing crystal version of the classic Domino® Brown Sugar. The convenient dispenser makes measuring out brown sugar for recipes neater, without having to pack the sugar. The granulated brown crystals are great for sprinkling over fruit, or to sweeten oatmeal and cereals.

  • Kosher for Passover
  • Recloseable flip-top for easy pouring and sprinkling
  • Recyclable packaging