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Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar Flip Top Canister

Make sweetening coffee, tea and anything else a snap with the Domino® Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar. The flip-top container comfortably fits in your hand and can sit out on your kitchen table, eliminating the need to refill the sugar bowl. Whether you are using it for hot or cold drinks, you cannot go wrong with this conveniently packaged Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar.  

- Reclosable flip-top for easy pouring and sprinkling

- Recyclable packaging

Is your sugar gluten-free?
None of our sugar products contain gluten.

Are your products free of allergens?
Our products do not contain and are not packaged on equipment that handle any of the 9 major allergens identified by the FDA. All our ingredients are labeled on our packages.


Our Sugars

From superfine powdered sugar to deep dark brown, Domino® Sugar makes the quality ingredients you want for all of your cooking and baking needs.