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The Benefits of DIY Brown Sugar Scrubs

Learn why making your own brown sugar scrub is not only fun to do but also a great way to treat yourself to a spa day at home.

1. Control the ingredients you use on your skin

Making your own brown sugar scrub will ensure that you know exactly what ingredients are going into your skincare routine. Avoid harsh chemicals from the store and un-pronounceable additives, and instead opt for using natural oils like coconut, essential and palm oil. Their versatility and health benefits make them perfect for everything from skincare to cooking.

2. Exfoliate, Soften and Soothe

Brown sugar is a natural exfoliate that helps to moisturize and even skin tone. As the main ingredient, our brown sugars make for the perfect addition to your homemade body scrubs. Switch to making your own self-care creations this New Year and you’ll never go back to store-bought.

3. Give A Great Gift

There is truly no sweeter gift than one that comes from the heart. Let our brown sugars spark a new idea for gift giving this year. Making your own natural brown sugar body scrubs is a great way to save money and treat your friends and loved ones to beautiful, handmade gifts that they are sure to love.

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