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Give the gift of fudge this holiday season

Homemade fudge has long been a favorite treat to exchange during the holidays, and there are more ways to make it and package it than there are days in an advent calendar. Here are just a few ways to give this rich, sweet treat a festive twist.

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Fudge is nearly universally adored. This makes it an outstanding choice for gift-giving and has made it one of the most commonly exchanged treats of the holiday season. But there’s no reason to resort to cutting your fudge into simple squares or to package it in unassuming plastic wrap. Instead, add some flair to your fudge by turning it into one of these gift-worthy creations:

Fudge Wreath

Instead of a typical square or rectangular baking pan, why not whip up a batch of White Chocolate Cranberry Almond Fudge baked in the bottom of a bundt pan instead? The shape makes it easy to turn into a Christmas wreath with just the addition of some decorative icing and seasonally colored sprinkles, and perhaps even a silk bow for good measure.

Fudge Pops (AKA, “Fudge on a Stick)

Add a simple wooden or paper stick, some transparent gauze wrapping, a bow and a creative label to any piece of fudge, and you’ve now got something that looks more like an expensive candy apple than a humble square of fudge. And when you use Quick Walnut Fudge as the featured fudge in this creation, you’re sure to please the recipient’s taste buds as well as their eyes.

Fudge Shapes

Just because they’re called “cookie cutters” doesn’t mean they have to stop there. Use those same tools to cut Microwave Peanut Butter Fudge into any shape you like to make fudge a fabulous gift for any occasion. Just be sure to cook your slab of fudge a bit thinner than usual so it’s not too much for a cookie-cutter to handle. Your fudge can even be iced or adorned with candies to add color to the look.

Frilled Fudge Trays

Don’t want to cut your fudge at all? No problem. Use small, disposable aluminum pans, a decorative doily or two, and a bit of ribbon to tie up an entire pan of Peppermint Bark Brownies as a beautiful gift your loved one is free to carve into at their leisure.

You can’t go wrong with any of these options, so get creative with your fudge this holiday season and give the most unique gift of the season.

Pro Tip

When you’re looking at recipes for your fudge creations, remember that you can substitute new Domino® Golden Sugar cup-for-cup anywhere it calls for white granulated sugar. It’s less processed and will add an extra bit of flavor and flair to your fabulous fudge.

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