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Bon Ton Roulet!

Embrace true New Orleans culture with Domino® Sugar for the 2023 Mardi Gras carnival!

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Chalmette Refinery’s Rich History in New Orleans

The Domino® Sugar Chalmette Refinery started operations in 1909 and has remained on the banks of the Mississippi River for more than 110 years. We’re proud to have always supported local culture and community, and we currently employ more than 400 people from the New Orleans area.

​ It took four years and five million bricks to construct our Chalmette Refinery, which now refines seven million pounds of sugar each day. The Chalmette Refinery is the largest cane sugar refinery in the Western Hemisphere and the first and only to have processed a million tons of sugar in a single year!

Domino® Sugar Celebrates Mardi Gras

Did you know that Mardi Gras is a celebration the day before the beginning of Lent?  Each Mardi Gras, the Chalmette Refinery closes so all 400 employees can celebrate the iconic holiday with their friends and family. This year, we’re already excited to get into full swing for the colorful carnival! On our Mardi Gras page, we share classic recipes to get you ready for Fat Tuesday 2023.

Delicious NOLA Treats!

A true Mardi Gras celebration would be incomplete without traditional tastes! As one of the largest employers in the New Orleans area, we’ve honed these recipes over a century of living in Cajun country.

King Cake

Tradition dictates that King Cake be made with a trinket hidden inside for the King or Queen of Mardi Gras to find. King Cake was brought to New Orleans from France in the 12th century. This fun game-and-treat-in-one is a perfect addition to any Mardi Gras party and fun for all the family, using both Domino® Granulated Sugar and Domino® Powdered Sugar!


The easiest way to start any Mardi Gras event is with your cocktail of choice.The hurricane cocktail is named after the glass that holds this fruity rum-based NOLA classic made famous on Bourbon Street. Crafted with the sweetness of Domino® Granulated Sugar, which only adds to this Louisiana Classic Cocktail.