SweetAmbs® Surprise Easter Basket Cookies

There's a surprise inside these elegant Surprise Easter Basket Cookies. Watch and learn how pro decorator, Amber Spiegel of SweetAmbs® bakes, stacks and frosts her way to a fun and festive Easter treat!

Create your own Surprise Easter Basket Cookies! You will need 1 cookie as a base, 3 cookies with centers removed, and 1 cookie “lid” decorated with royal icing to place on top. Stack the cookies using a ring of plain royal icing as a binder and fill with a candy treat of your choice. Gently place the decorated “lid” on top to complete your Easter basket and enjoy!



Amber’s TIP

Here are some of the tools Amber used in making the Surprise Easter Basket Cookies:

• 4-inch and 3-inch egg-shaped cookie cutters
• icing tip #3 for the base layer
• icing tip #1 for piping bunny ears
• icing tip #48 for basket weave
• icing tip #352 for leaves
• icing tip #1 for flowers
• icing tip #3 for bead border


SweetAmbs® Surprise Easter Basket Cookies