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Have a spooky, safe Halloween with Domino® Sugar

Sweet treats are what Halloween is all about, but it’s important to think about safety too. Follow these tips for safely packing your baked goods, greeting trick-or-treaters and distributing your favorite recipes to all the neighborhood ghouls.

Keep Halloween a hauntingly happy affair

With a little social distancing and thoughtful preparation, this Halloween can be a frightfully fun occasion to share with family, friends and your community. These tips, techniques and recipes will help you to make All Hallows Eve a festive event that all of your friends and family can enjoy.  

1. Individually wrap your treats

This is always a good idea when distributing goodies to trick-or-treaters, but it’s especially important nowadays. Remember to carefully and completely wrap whatever recipe you choose to make, whether it’s our Crunchy Peanut Butter Cups, Halloween Cream Cheese Brownies or another creative creation.

Some good ways to wrap recipes include:

  • Plastic bags are an easy, affordable choice. They stay closed, keep treats fresh and are waterproof in case of any Halloween showers.
  • Paper bags are more eco-friendly and can be simply stapled or taped closed for added security. They’re also fun to draw on and decorate. Just make sure Halloween weather is expected to be dry and choose recipes that are better suited for these bags.
  • Boxes are another good option. They’re usually sturdier than bags, can be found in virtually any size and are recyclable. 
2. Choose a washable bag or bucket

With so many hands involved in packing, picking and passing out treats, be sure to choose a trick-or-treating tote that can be thoroughly cleaned afterward. This not only reduces waste compared to using a plastic bag but keeps germs at bay. Some good choices are:

  • Reusable containers like pumpkin-shaped buckets, cauldrons or other hard totes can be used this year and for years to come. They’re simple to clean using soap and water, and some are even dishwasher safe. 
  • Pillowcases, including those customized with fabric paint or creative sewing, are affordable, durable and can easily be thrown in the washing machine once your little ones’ treats are all sorted and stored.
  • Creative choices like a football helmet for your little linebacker, matching purse for your fairy princess or any other themed addition. As long as it will hold candy and can be easily cleaned, it’s fair game!
3. Distribute from a distance

When trick-or-treaters come around, you can keep your distance while still having a ton of Halloween fun. Here are a few ways to hand out treats in hands-off fashion:

  • Chutes allow you to use the forces of gravity to slide treats from your door to the waiting hands and bags of trick-or-treaters. Just make sure your chute is large enough and steep enough that treats don’t get stuck.
  • Give a grabber a go to keep crowds at extended-arm’s length. These can be found in fun shapes like robotic arms, gorilla arms and more, so you’ll keep the fun meter high while keeping safe.
  • Fill a bowl with individually packaged treats and place it outside your decorated doorway. Kids can still enjoy going door-to-door, and you’ll be safe and sound inside.

4. Stroll safely from door to door

Even when you’re not handing out or receiving treats, it’s important to keep Halloween safety in mind. Things like wearing lightweight, breathable costumes and making sure to keep yourself visible to cars with a flashlight or reflective clothing can make all the difference. For more info, check out our Halloween Safety Tips Article

You’re now ready to enjoy Halloween. All that’s left is to pick out your costume, package up some Caramel Apples and make the most of every witching hour.

Homemade Halloween recipes

Use your cauldron to make these treats.