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Baking Tips From Our Brand Ambassador @katiebirdbakes

1. Cold Butter = Better Scones:

“Keep your butter cold. Cut it up into squares and put it back in the refrigerator until the moment you need it. Cold butter is critical to flaky and tender scones. If the butter is too warm, the scones will spread and won’t create those flaky layers we love.

Don’t work the dough too much. Handling the dough as little as you can prevents the overdevelopment of gluten, which results in a more tender result. Stir just until the dough comes together, gently shape with your hands, and then leave it alone.” 

2. The Greatest Gingerbread Cake:

“Coffee! Most classic gingerbread recipes call for at least a cup of very hot, if not boiling, water to be added to the batter before baking. This trick is supposed to loosen the gluten strands, resulting in a softer cake. However, I find that this thins the flavor. So use hot coffee instead! The final cake won’t taste like coffee, but the flavor will definitely be more rounded.”


Meet The Chef:

Katie Olsen


Katie is a lawyer by day and a baker by night. She creates sophisticated yet approachable recipes that you can bake on a weeknight and share with your friends and family. She firmly believes that anyone who can read, can bake. Keep up with her by following @katiebirdbakes on Instagram, or visiting her blog, Katiebird Bakes.

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