Glamping 101: Your Rough Guide to Taking It Easy

Want to experience the Great Outdoors without totally “roughin’ it”? Try glamping on for size!

Glamping, short for “glamorous camping”, is a trend that incorporates luxurious elements into the camping routine. This can mean anything from modest changes, such as staying in a yurt or cabin instead of a tent, to a full-on resort experience. The idea is to introduce a touch of extra hospitality that makes camping more enjoyable and welcoming for everyone. Personalize your campsite to strike the right vibe for your personal style.

Ready to ease your way into the glampers lifestyle? Here are a few tricks of the trade to help you get started:

Twinkling Lights 

Add a little sparkle magic with a few strings of solar-powered LED outdoor lights. Drape the lights near the entry to your tent or cabin and across low branches for a soft glow.

Cozy Blankets

An easy way to amp up the comfort and style at your campsite! Load up on fluffy blankets and throws in vibrant colors and checkerboard prints. Perfect for snuggling up with hot chocolate or a cocktail in the evening hours.

Bluetooth Speakers

An affordable set of waterproof Bluetooth speakers brings the jams to your campsite. Create your own glamping-inspired playlist to listen to while roasting marshmallows around the campfire!

All. The. Food.

Elevate your campsite cuisine with recipes that take your taste buds to new horizons. Kick back at your campsite with a bowl of Honey Butter & Candied Bacon Popcorn, hit the trails with Granola Pecan Snack Mix, and dine al fresco with Peach-a-peño BBQ Beans and Campfire Roasted Apples.

The Best Cooking Tools

If you want to cook amazing food, first you need the right tools. Prepare your equipment list with our recommendations for essential tools for the campfire cook.

Vino & Craft Brews

Glamping is a good way to work up a thirst! Be sure to treat your fellow campers to a craft cocktail with our Bourbon Root Beer Ice Cream Float. Plus, pack your favorite wines, beers, and ciders in a cooler for the whole crew to enjoy. Pro tip: always check twice that you packed the bottle opener!

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