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Give your finest cake the finish it deserves with this frosting guide

There’s nothing more frustrating than baking up the perfect cake only to have it come out looking like a Pinterest fail thanks to sub-par frosting skills. Don’t worry, Domino® Sugar is here to make sure that never happens again. This guide will help you put a fresh coat of frosting on your next masterpiece, no enrollment at pastry school required.

Family dessert or fancy event, learn to frost like a pro.

Frosting may seem like a daunting task After all, your handiwork is right there on the surface, presented for all to see. But trust these time-tested tips from the expert chefs at Domino® Sugar, and you’ll be frosting like a pastry chef in no time.

1. Using the right tools

No need to break the bank, but spending a few dollars on proper utensils can make frosting your cake a whole lot easier. An offset spatula, cake base (rotating, if possible) and piping tubes/tips can help immensely, and are inexpensive.

2. Stacking layers carefully

When frosting a multi-layer cake, a solid foundation is key. Be sure to place your first layer on a stable surface, then to level each additional layer as it’s added.

It’s far easier to level layers before frosting the entire cake than it is to try and correct an uneven cake later on.

3. Adding a “Crumb Coat” first

Once the layers are stacked, you should carefully brush away any loose crumbs. Then, as an extra precaution and to make sure your final product looks spectacular, you should add a “crumb coat” of frosting immediately. This is simply a thin layer of frosting applied to the entire surface of the cake in order to smooth out any remaining crumbs or nooks & crannies in the cake’s surface.

4. Chilling before frosting

With the crumb coat added, place your cake in the refrigerator for 30 minutes prior to frosting. This will ensure that the crumb coat has a chance to set, and that the cake is firm enough to be frosted easily.

5. Frosting liberally

When applying frosting, don’t be shy. Add it to the cake generously, then spread it and smooth as you go. A rotating cake base makes it easier to turn the cake as you smooth with the spatula, but even with a simple upside-down cake pan as a base, you can make a beautiful cake with just a little patience.

6. Adding a special touch

Remember those gorgeous waves of frosting that used to peak atop grandma’s cakes? You can achieve the same look with a large spoon and just a few extra minutes. Push the back of the spoon gently into the frosting, then rock it upward and remove. Repeat this across the top of the cake, and you’ll have a vintage look that invites all to dig in.

That’s it. You’re ready to pull up your favorite Domino® Sugar cake and frosting recipes and have at it. Or, if you’re not sure what to make, you can follow us on your favorite social media channel for plenty of suggestions.

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