Chocolate Biscotti

Holiday Desserts Call For Domino® Sugar

It is the season for decadent desserts, and the experts at Domino® Sugar are here to bring you a collection of delicacies. They’re fun to bake up at home, bring to holiday gatherings, or gift to friends & family. It’s your reward for staying on the nice list this year.

Festive Holiday Favorites From Our Experts


Gingerbread Brownies

Try A New Treat


Peppermint Bark Brownies

Taste Pure Joy



Dish Up Cannoli


Chocolate Babka

Bake Some Babka

Holiday Recipes From Domino® To You

These sensational seasonal recipes from Domino® Sugar are sure to have everyone singing their praises along with their favorite carols. They’re sweet, unique and suited for any holiday celebration.

Puff Pastry Tree

Puff Pastry Tree

This festive Puff Pastry Tree from Domino® Sugar is light, flaky and sure to draw the attention of your guests for all the best reasons. It’s fun to make, fabulous to eat and a source of holiday flair guaranteed to spruce up your dessert table.

Branch Out Now

Holiday Baking With Kids, The Domino® Way

Make your holidays even happier when you use these tips from Domino® Sugar to involve your kids, or grandkids, in your holiday baking. You’ll make delicious desserts, and plenty of priceless memories as well.