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Behold the Benefits of Brown Sugar

To get chewy baked goods or achieve a deeper flavor in savory recipes, skilled bakers and cooks have long reached for Domino® Brown Sugar. Available in both Light Brown and Dark Brown varieties, they’re versatile enough to work in recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts to beverages. With molasses flavor and moisture, these sugars are ideal for flavorful baking, caramelizing, bold enough to complement a wide array of spices and a secret weapon for making show-stopping meals.

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Storing & Softening Brown Sugar

Brown sugar should be stored in a cool, moist area inside a rustproof metal, glass or plastic container. This will help your sugar retain moisture and flavor, and prevent it from hardening. If your brown sugar does harden, you can soften it by heating it gently in the oven, microwaving it briefly or sealing it in an airtight container with a couple of slices of fresh bread.

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