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Domino® Light Brown Sugar is Perfect for Baking

All sugars are sweet, but when our experts craft Domino® Light Brown Sugar, they work hard to preserve just enough of the molasses that comes from sugarcane as well. The result is a sugar that has a lovely light brown color, and also a rich flavor with nutty, caramel notes that adds amazing depth to all types of dessert and drink recipes in addition to savory sauces and dressings. Domino® Light Brown Sugar caramelizes beautifully, making it a hit when roasting or grilling, and its higher moisture makes for temptingly chewy cookies and cakes with the perfect texture and flavor. Try it in your favorite family recipes, or in the chef-approved ones we’ve included here.

Domino® Light Brown Sugar Recipes


From superfine powdered sugar to deep dark brown, Domino® Sugar makes the quality ingredients you want for all of your cooking and baking needs.

From Pure Sugarcane, We Craft Premium Brown Sugars

For 120 years, the experts at Domino® Sugar have been crafting an entire line of delicious sugars and brown sugars make the most of everything sugarcane has to offer.

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