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Top 10 Tips for Better Baking

Learn Domino® Sugar’s top tips and tricks for home baking.


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10 Tips Every Home Baker Should Know 

1. Start with the Correct Ingredients

Before you start baking, you need to make sure you have the right ingredients. A common mistake made by many home bakers is using the wrong type of sugar. Domino® carries a wide selection, so make sure you select the correct one for your recipe. For example, when you’re preparing Classic Buttercream Frosting, you’ll need to use Domino® Powdered Sugar instead of our granulated varieties. Its fine, powdered consistency makes it ideal for creating smooth frostings and glazes.

2. Room Temperature

For recipes like our Classic Chocolate Cake, it’s a good idea to bring refrigerated items such as butter, eggs and cream up to room temperature. To do this, we suggest taking these ingredients out of the fridge at least a couple of hours before you plan to bake. This will help your ingredients mix evenly, creating a uniform texture throughout your baked goods.

3. Measure Accurately 

When baking, there’s nothing more important than getting your measurements right. Sweet success for recipes like our Classic Sugar Cookies often comes down to whether you have a firm grasp on proper measuring techniques. Here are a few measuring tricks for your kitchen:

Fluff Flour & Powdered Sugar: Before spooning flour or powdered sugar into a dry measuring cup, use a fork to fluff up the ingredient. This will ensure there are no clumps or air pockets.

Pack Brown Sugar: When measuring brown sugar, you need to compress it into the measuring cup. To do this, press down firmly with your fingers (or spoon) several times while filling the measuring cup. Note: Brown sugar should hold its shape when removed from the measuring cup. 

4. Weigh Your Ingredients

Some ingredients like crushed nuts can be challenging to measure using a traditional measuring cup. For recipes like our Blondie Brownies with Walnuts & Chocolate Chips, we recommend using a small kitchen scale. This will give you the perfect measurement every time. 

5. Combine Ingredients Before Mixing

Don’t mix everything all at once. Combine your dry ingredients in one bowl. Then, make a well in the center that you pour your wet ingredients down. 

6. Let Your Dough Rest 

If you want to bake melt in your mouth Chocolate Chunk Cookies, then you’re going to need to let your dough rest. To do this, cover your dough in plastic wrap and allow it to cool for 24 hours in the fridge. This will create crunchy cookies with gooey insides.

7. The Right Pan Size

Selecting the right pan size will safeguard recipes like Brown Sugar Brownies from burning or brimming over when baking. If you’re unsure about your pan’s dimension, you can calculate the pan’s width by measuring from inside edge to inside edge. Read 5 Best Brownie Tips to learn more tips and tricks for preparing brownies. 

8. Double Check the Temperature

For bakers who use their ovens often, it may be a good idea to use an oven thermometer. Over time, the temperature control in your stove will become inaccurate. If you use an oven thermometer, you’ll ensure your baked goods come out just right. 

9. Is It Done Yet?

Before you take your treats out of the oven, you need to check that they’re all the way baked. For recipes like our Vanilla Bean Cupcakes, the easiest way to do this is with a toothpick. Just insert the toothpick into the cupcakes, and if it comes out clean, they’re ready to be cooled.  

10. Let Your Treats Cool

You’re finished baking, but don’t rush to celebrate. First, you need to get your baked good on a wire rack to cool, or the heat from the pan could cause your delicious treats to become overdone. Then, wait until your cakes, cookies or pies have completely cooled before frosting. Note: Even a little warmth can cause your icing to melt. 

Use Those Baking Skills on these Domino® Recipes

Well done! You’ve learned the baking basics. Now, use those skills on one of these delicious Domino® Sugar Recipes.