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Gift Your Baked Goods With Domino® Sugar

Instead of store-bought trinkets, give the gift of delicious, homemade baked goods this holiday season. High-quality Domino® Sugar will help your cookies, cakes and other desserts come out just right, while these tips assure their presentation will come off without a hitch as well. 

Baked Goods Gifting Guide

Sharing baked goods fresh from your own kitchen is a wonderful holiday tradition, and one Domino® Sugar has participated in for over 120 years. These are just a few of the tips we’ve picked up on how best to package, present and preserve the freshest flavors of your culinary creations.  

1. Show You Care With Cookies

Cookies are one of the most varied and versatile baked goods for gift giving. They offer seemingly endless flavor profiles, so they’re sure to satisfy everyone on your list. They also pack well, whether you’re driving them across town or shipping them across the country. Here are a few gift-giving tips for cookies:

Consider a kit that lets your loved ones decorate your baked goods after they’re received. Once you bake up a batch of our Gingerbread Cookies at home, you can package it along with a pre-mixed container of the dry ingredients in our Royal Icing so they can get creative while making gingerbread characters. 

Pick up some “tins” for cookies you plan to ship, or that might shift around a bit in transit. Available in traditional metal or newer plastic varieties, these containers are inexpensive and will protect your precious Peanut Butter Blossoms en route.

Sprinkle in some fun when decorating cookies that you plan to gift. Available in every color of the rainbow and a wide variety of shapes and sizes as well, sprinkles let you customize our Classic Sugar Cookies to suit friends celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or virtually any holiday.

2. Gifts That Take The Cake

Cakes are another versatile baked good that makes an excellent gift, and cupcakes put delicious cake flavors into a more portable form. Giving cupcakes is enjoyable, easy and sure to be appreciated by those on your list. 

Pack like a pro by picking up some bakery boxes at your local restaurant supply or craft store. There are boxes specially made with raised platforms and circular inserts that will ensure your frostings remain pristine, including the brûléed tops of your Hot Chocolate Cupcakes. Even better, they feature clear tops to let their beauty shine through. 

Mix and match flavors when giving cupcakes as gifts so every member of the household you’re bestowing your baked goods upon can enjoy regardless of their taste preferences. Combining our Chocolate Cupcakes With Golden Buttercream and Angel Food Cupcakes With Whipped Cream & Berries is a great way to satisfy everyone.  

3. Consider Some Less-Common Choices

Giving baked goods is a revered holiday tradition, but that doesn’t mean you have to take a traditional approach to it. Confused? Don’t be, just follow Corporate Chef Eleonora’s lead and gift these unexpected, but unbelievably tasty, recipes: 

Almond Brittle has a salty-sweet taste profile that satisfies two cravings at once. And because it’s meant to be broken, it’s the perfect choice for shipping to far-off friends and relatives. 

Golden Sugar Cream Puffs are a delicate, creamy option made with Domino® Golden Sugar. Their light texture is a great contrast to the season’s heavier desserts, with an airy cream tucked inside of a fabulously flaky crust. 

Chocolate Dipped Biscotti With Pecans are a gift your recipients can savor anytime from opening presents on Christmas morning to staying up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. It’s an unconventional present they’re sure to enjoy. 

With these tips in mind, and with plenty of Domino® Sugar on hand, go forth and give the gift of your best baked creations this holiday season. 

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