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Easter Egg Hunt Cake

Easter Egg Hunt Cake

It’s an Easter egg hunt in a cake! This delicious cake becomes an exciting game for the whole family as you cut into the cake, slice by slice, hunting for the colorful eggs baked inside.

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Chocolate “Carrot Patch” Cups

This sweet carrot patch dessert is a delicious combination of chocolate cake and gooey, rich pudding. Plus, get a free Picket Fence printable to add some sweet carrot patch charm!

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Easter Surprise Cupcakes

Easter Surprise Cupcakes

Finding hidden Easter goodies is as easy as biting into a cupcake! Bake, and then fill these golden cupcakes with a secret treat.

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Easter Surprise Cupcakes

Watch step by step as we bake, fill and frost our way to a surprising new Easter treat. These piñata cupcakes are filled to the brim with colorful sprinkles and candies so each one is literally bursting with sweetness

Easter Recipes

Cookie Decorating Kit

Make a basket full of the cutest cookies with our step-by-step guide.

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